Medical Profession in the
Age of Online Social Networking

Rapid, grass root adoption of social media in medicine has led to concerns regarding professionalism lapses.

Rapid, grass root adoption of social media in medicine has led to concerns regarding professionalism lapses. This course is aimed at medical students and resident doctors in all specialties, who wish to improve their understanding of how their online presence can affect their professional practice in terms of professionalism, ethics, and professional identity. Educators/faculty may also find this course helpful.


At the end of the course, participant will be able to:

  • List various common social Media sites and their use in clinical practice.

  • Evaluate how the use of specific social media sites can lead to challenges linked to Professionalism and ethics.

  • Define e-Professionalism/online Professionalism.

  • Appreciate the issues inherent in social media use by medical professionals like those related to boundaries, privacy & confidentiality, professional relationships, defamation, freedom of speech and image of profession to name a few.

  • To understand why your digital footprint is important, develop a conceptual understanding of Professional identity in online spaces and learn tools and approaches to effectively manage your online presence.

  • Modify your own social media practice by self-evaluation and becoming aware of the legal and ethical professional requirements placed upon doctors in line with various Guidelines related to social media use by doctors/ Medical students.

Course Type: Self-Paced Course
Completion Time (approx):
4 hours
Course Fee:
Rs. 1000/- [$8]


  • There are 7 online modules in total covering different aspects of online medical professionalism.

  • There are a range of activities, videos and resources for you to work through each module.

  • You can study the modules in the defined order at your own pace.


Dr Nazish Imran
MBBS; FRCPsych(London); MRCPsych (London), MHPE
Head/Associate Professor
Department of Child &Family Psychiatry
King Edward Medical University/Mayo Hospital Lahore.

Dr Masood Jawaid
Director Medical Affairs and Pharmacy, PharmEvo
Associate Editor, Pak J Med Sci
Consultant General Surgeon, DSH

Important Consideration for the course:
All discussions about professionalism including about social media and e- professionalism rarely have clear answers. The modules of this course illustrate important aspects for social media usage, but should not be considered social media usage policy. We have included links/ References to policy guidelines from the various International bodies in the course.

A certificate will be available for you to download on completion of all modules. (Total duration of whole course=Approximately 4 hours). In order to gain a certificate, you will need to pass three quiz during the course.