About CorTeach

CorTeach is about ‘Empowering online learning’

We believe in providing the highest quality of learning, both online and in the classroom. At CorTeach, we are offering opportunity to all of you,  who want to achieve, thrive, and grow in online education services. Our goals, however are not limited to  offering simple online courses s, we aim to develop and deliver the online courses with the latest educational technologies, gamification of learning and evidence-based online pedagogical approaches.Our goal is to become a leading resource for learning both at national and international level. 

Our Vision:

To provide highest quality of engaging online education for everyone

Our Mission:

  • Provide access to education for everyone
  • Enhance teaching and learning with developing engaging learning contents
  • Train faculty to develop online learning courses
  • Enhance the medical and dental curriculum with innovative online modes of teaching and learning
  • Advance teaching and learning through research about online education

Type of Courses Available:

Self-paced: Complete course available any time

Online Facilitated: Courses with specific timings and schedule and real-time facilitation

Blended: Some learning contents available online while other on different campus.


Any institution or field experts can contact us and develop their own online courses at CorTeach.


Our Team

  • Prof Dr Rehan Ahmed Khan (Curriculum, Assessment and Information Technology)

  • Dr Masood Jawaid (Teaching and Learning, Learning Management Systems and Information Technology )

  • Prof Dr Rahila Yasmin (Curriculum and Faculty Development)

  • Dr Usman Mahboob (Curriculum and Professionalism)

  • Dr Ahsen Sethi (Dental Curriculum and Professional Identity)

  • Prof Dr Madiha Sajjad (Medical Education and Histopathology)

  • Dr Zubia Masood (Medical Education and Surgery)

  • Dr Hina Javaid ( Family Medicine)

  • Dr Abdul Jalil (Family Medicine)

  • Mr. Kashif Soomro (Instructional Designer)

Contact Us:

  • Registered Lahore Office: 23/L Ganga Ram Mansions, Mall Road, Lahore - Pakistan

Email : info@corteach.com