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    Artificial Intelligence in Education
    Very captivating and perfectly balanced opening for the upcoming content.
    Artificial Intelligence in Research 4
    Excellent activity of the kahoot quiz and great way of teaching with modern technology
    Certificate in Health Professionals Education 15
    Very informative
    Artificial Intelligence in Research 2
    It has enormously enhanced my ability to write a research article efficiently.
    Artificial Intelligence in Research 2
    I thank all the learned team members of Cor Teach who conducted the AIR course. This course made scientific research easy for us all
    Certificate in Health Professionals Education 17
    A very focused course which created the interest of the attendees in different aspects of medical education. All facilitators were well versed with their job and they created an interactive and absorbing environment for learning. Team CHPE and Baqai Medical University deserves a round of applause. Best Regards. Prof. Mujtaba Hasan
    12 Steps to Leadership Excellence
    I recently attended a leadership course that exceeded my expectations. The content was practical and applicable, delivered by engaging instructors. The interactive sessions allowed for hands-on learning, and the diverse group of participants added valuable perspectives. The course structure struck a good balance, providing personalized feedback for individual growth. Overall, a well-organized and impactful experience that has enhanced my leadership skills. Highly recommended!
    Artificial Intelligence in Research
    This is an excellent course which I have ever done in my life. Most reproductive and useful in life. It's like I got a mentor who is there to answer all difficult questions in variable aspects